The Most Outstanding Festivals in Ottawa

As Canada’s Capital Region, Ottawa is hailed as one of the greatest cultural destinations in North America. The city definitely has a lot to offer that gives it the reputation it has to date: UNESCO Heritage spots, galleries, and captivating historic buildings.

One of the main things Ottawa is renowned for is its magnificent festivals. Ottawa festivals add dynamism to the region, brings cultural institutions and historic neighborhoods to life, and provides an avenue for artists to showcase their talents.

Below is a list of some of the best festivals Ottawa has to offer.

The Tulip Festival

The Tulip festival allows people to see Ottawa in its most beautiful time, the heart of the spring season. People go to walkways and parks to see the beauty of the vibrantly blooming tulips. Additionally, aside from the floral exhibits, the Tulip Festival is also a time for artistic programming, culinary workshops, captivating fireworks shows, and vintage military exhibits.

The International Animation Festival

If you are someone who loves the silver screen in a contemporary reincarnation, the International Animation Festival in Ottawa is one you should participate in. It is one of the largest international events of its own kind. It offers highly innovative, creative, and mind-blowing programs and features.

The Fringe Festival

Founded in 1997, the Fringe Festival in Ottawa has been the prominent yearly fringe theater holiday in Ottawa. This event is renowned for being a huge supporter of the local artists; ticket sales are being used to pay and support artists. Moreover, this culture-centered festival will leave you animated after every performance. Be ready to laugh, cry, and be overwhelmed with so much awe.

The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival in Ottawa was established in 1994 in collaboration with the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association. Currently, it is offering over 200 teams. This festival is hailed as the ultimate sports festival and is now known as the biggest dragon boat fair in North America.

Canada Dance Festival

Canada Dance Festival is the country’s only festival that solely focuses on the production of Canadian modern dance artists. This festival is celebrated every year in Ottawa wherein the most vibrant and most outstanding dance performances across the country are showcased.

Those are only some of the world-class festivals Ottawa offers. If you want to experience next-level art and cultural encounters in North America, then the capital region of Canada is where you should go.

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