Tips for a Successful Live Concert Stream

Among the casualties of COVID-19 is the music industry. As the pandemic rages on, one of the realizations that have come to everyone’s mind is how important online services are to the economy.

Global stars aside, lots of musicians have a hard time securing a gig since bars and events are still very limited. Luckily, there’s a solution for this, and that’s to use online services to record performances wherein audiences can support through streaming live concerts.

What Is Streaming

Streaming is when you watch a virtual music festival or listen to music or audio channels. This is an answer to people who want to be entertained thoroughly without downloading anything or simply watching an online performance in real-time.

Popularized by YouTube, streaming media nowadays have many platforms, with Spotify as the most notable for music.

Revenue for music streaming platforms around the world is increasing more than physical sales. In the first half of 2020 alone, a growth of around 12 percent worldwide was experienced. Obviously, the pandemic triggers people to look for other means to entertain themselves and for artists to make music in the most efficient way possible.

Also, it was during the pandemic that live streams became more common. It allowed artists to perform something either at the comfort of their own bedrooms or grand setups on their backyards for their fans. Moreover, they can decide however they want to conduct their businesses, either for free or with a fee.

How to Conduct a Successful Live Concert Stream

We all know that we need to adjust to the new norm. If you’re an artist who wants to promote your content, you can conduct a live concert via streaming services. To be successful, however, you must follow these tips:

Learn The Technology Beforehand

Your internet connection is one of the most important priorities in your livestream. You need to secure a fast connection so you can stream without any interruptions. Other than that, you have to sync your instruments to your devices, set up monitors for reading live feedback and recognize the rules of the streaming platform you opt to use. A VPN can help you bypass blackout restrictions.

Monetize Your Live Performance

Even if you’re doing a concert for charity, you need to figure out how proceeds can be transacted. There are plenty of platforms out there, and you can choose which one is advantageous to you. Just make sure you understand the rules before you finalize your concert promotion.

Promote Through Social Media

You can reach out to your fans by giving them a teaser and see how they react. This might involve more digital marketing skills. While there’s surely a lot of effort involved, the results will be worth it as long as it’s done right.

Consider Your Fans’ Time Zones

It will be convenient for you if most of your fans are within the same continent or region as you. However, if your fanbase is diverse, you have to select the majority and cater to them or be innovative in handling such an issue.

Engage With Your Viewers

During your livestream, your viewers will react and leave comments. It’s up to you to respond, but you must always acknowledge, especially those who made significant contributions to your stream.

You can also read feedbacks after each song is performed or insert some of their requests in between.

Be Authentic

Since you’re in your comfort zone, most people expect you to be your most authentic behavior. Honesty is expected, and negative habits or unpleasant parts of your personality need to be toned down.


As vaccines begin to roll out, live outdoor performances are slowly starting to go back to normal. Still, learning how to conduct live concert streams is very helpful for your popularity and growth as an artist.

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