Oktoberfest in Ottawa – Highlights and Facts

Oktoberfest is the mecca for beer lovers. Every beer lover wants to be there when Oktoberfest starts. It is also why the average beer lover would subscribe to an online language learning class to learn German. The fact that over 6 million beer lovers visit Munich annually to be part of Oktoberfest says it all.

Here is a mini-guide to Oktoberfest along with the essential tours, essentials, highlights, and facts that every beer-loving enthusiast should know.

Ottawa Oktoberfest Highlights

The Oktoberfest is one of the most outstanding festivals in Ottawa. The three main highlights of Oktoberfest are beer, food (Bavarian), and tents where it all happens. It is where every beer lover has access to one-liter beers, served in the traditional mugs. Many people don’t know that all beers must adhere to strict standards and regulations. Beer quantity and quality are pretty much guaranteed in Oktoberfest.

Then there is the amazing Bavarian food. Oktoberfest visitors can enjoy the many local delights such as pretzels, sausages, pork knuckles, sauerkraut, cheese spread, roasted chicken, and cheese egg noodles.

oktoberfest food and beer

All that food and beer is under fourteen massive tents. Each tent can accommodate between 1,000 and 8,500 visitors. The Oktoberfest tents are owned by big breweries, establishments, and restaurants. There are also beer gardens that have smaller tents. Each tent is different and offers something unique.

Typically, Oktoberfest visitors go from tent to tent to taste different beers, foods and enjoy the performances.

Oktoberfest Facts

Here are a few facts about the most famous beer festival in the world:

  • The first Oktoberfest happened in 1810 and was in honor of the wedding of a Bavarian Prince called Ludwig and Princess Therese.
  • Oktoberfest starts in September, not Oktober, as the name suggests.
  • The official festivity takes place in Theresienwiese’s fairground in Munich. In addition to the festivities in Munich, there are Oktoberfest beer festivals held in many other places across the world.
  • Entrance to Oktoberfest is free. Everything else, like beer, food, souvenirs, is not free.

Essential Things to Know Before Going to Oktoberfest

Your Oktoberfest adventures will be much more enjoyable and memorable if you know these things before going to Oktoberfest.

  • Learning a few German words can go a long way when on Oktoberfest. For example, maß means a mug of beer, Prost means cheers, Bitte means you are welcome, and Danke means thank you.
  • Nights can be a bit chilly, so wearing a jacket can always be handy on your way back to your Airbnb or hotel.
  • Security in Oktoberfest is really tight and always watching. So, don’t even think about illegally appropriating a maß. Buying one is available and what you should do instead.
  • Considering that there will be so many people around you, beer will often be spilled, wearing closed-tight shoes is always recommended.
  • Make sure that you always have cash in hand because many tents don’t accept credit cards.
  • If you are part of a larger group, always designate a meetup spot. That’s important because it is super-easy to get separated and wander off in some direction, opposite of everyone else.

This was the summary of Oktoberfest and the essentials you need to know if you are planning to be a part of it. After that, you need to convince your friends, book flights, and make a hotel reservation.

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