Ottawa 2017

As we prepare to celebrate Canada’s 150th in the Capital, we’re delighted to see such eagerness to ‘paint the town’ in Ottawa 2017 colours!

Whether you’re an enthusiastic citizen, a non-profit organization, a local business, or an entrepreneur, the guidelines below will help you determine the proper usage of our logo … so you can give Ottawa a 2017 twist.

Before you read further, please note that any use of the logo has to be approved by the Ottawa 2017 Bureau. The use of the logo cannot conflict with any of our existing or future partners. All of our existing partners are listed on our website.

We invite you to read the 3 categories below to determine which one you and/or your organization fits into.


Category #1: For the general public

Citizens, whether individuals or community events, are encouraged to get decked out in Ottawa 2017 colours, and wear them with pride!

You’ll be able to purchase promotional material (i.e. stickers, buttons, tattoos) on our online store.


Category #2: For businesses, non-profits, schools, and community groups without the intent to sell

How can your organization paint itself with 2017 colours?

Free ‘pageantry kits’ bearing the Ottawa 2017 logo will soon be available online for local organizations, which may include: window decals, stickers, etc.


Category #3: For businesses and/or entrepreneurs wishing to produce goods for sale with the Ottawa 2017 logo (commercial)

Local businesses and entrepreneurs may produce products containing our branding with the intention to sell, upon approval from the Ottawa 2017 Bureau.

• A flat fee of $1,500 will apply for the use of our logo, and will be due upon approval.
• If estimated revenue sales of the branded product exceeds $10,000, a 10% royalty fee (on retail) will apply.

If you are interested, please complete our application form.