Planning for an Outdoor Music Festival

The year 2020 hit the economy here so hard with the pandemic crisis. Outdoor activities that we used to love and participate are forbidden until a cure appears. And when that time comes, grand celebrations are definitely expected and as you are now, in order to prepare to be a part of such, you can learn how to orchestrate an outdoor music festival.

Of course, it is not an easy task at all but with strong connections and great management, you can conduct the festival most people can enjoy. It is for certain that there will be the audience as long as you properly consider the following factors to your planning:


You have to determine which musical acts or genres you decide to include in the festival. Since it is naturally a celebratory event, lively pop songs are the most common choice. Also, in between musical performers, intermission numbers are expected to entertain the crowd.


The resources of your event lie with the budget on hand. If you’re planning to hire famous people to participate, then you will need solid sponsors to back you up. If not, you can work on what you have and be creative in securing funds.


The time and date of the festival reflect your preparation period. From the moment the content is conceived and the budget is released, you will be carefully selecting the event schedule. The more people involved and the larger acts being included, the stricter your scheduling will be, so prepare to be detailed-oriented.


The location of an outdoor festival means that the weather and other social events are being included in the projection. It will be impractical to prepare tents for the viewers and with that, you have to be decisive so that you can begin strategizing the event flow and operations.


The needs of the people involved are being planned like bathrooms, food and drink stalls, parking lots, entrances and exits, waste disposal, and medical emergencies. It’s a bit tough and you might be looking for willing volunteers but the most important is the selection of right personnel to handle a certain operation.


A festival must be enjoyed with live music so technical difficulties must be dealt with immediately. Make sure safety protocols are adhered to, constant checking is done, and backup components are prepared. In this case, a third party or another partner with a technical specialty is preferred to handle that matter.


Since a music festival is an outdoor event, the local government can either allow it or not. To secure the local government’s approval, you need to inquire and process the necessary permits ahead of time.


With so many operations going on, you need some chain of command so that instructions and communications are being properly handled. The organization of the event must be clear beforehand and each operator understands the roles and the protocols.


Usually, you can seek manpower from the local police but for the safety between fans and musical acts, private security is much preferred. Remember that the more famous the performer, the more valuable they are.


To ensure that your planned music festival is well-publicized, people must have access to that information. Advertisements such as digital marketing, custom t-shirts, merchandises, and video teasers are proven to be some of the most effective marketing ideas you can employ.


In event planning, no matter how perfect the plan seems to be, there can be unexpected circumstances waiting to happen. You have to be more vigilant, prepared, and calm even in the worst-case scenario. It is a music festival and the silence from boredom or noise from unruliness signifies the event’s failure and the planning has to be blamed.

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