Ottawa ramps up for 2017 celebrations

Ottawa ramps up for 2017 celebrations

Ottawa – To help promote Ottawa’s big plans for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations, the City will be adding Ottawa 2017 decals to City vehicles and will be partnering with local artists to paint murals across the city.

“Ottawa is getting in the spirit of 2017,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “With only thirty months to go, now is the time to start showing the world that there will be no better place to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. These new initiatives will remind residents and visitors of the big celebration yet to come, and will encourage everyone to get involved in planning Canada’s big year.”

There will be 800 vehicles in the City’s fleet that will receive special decals promoting Ottawa 2017 and the project’s website, The vehicles selected will be among the most visible ones in the fleet, providing services in every community.

The first two murals, to be located on Metcalfe Street at the 417 underpass and on Riverside Drive at the Bronson Street Bridge, will include two installations each. Both will include a 2017 themed mural painted by renowned local artist Nicole Belanger. Each will also include a unique mural that will be specific to the community and depict local culture, history or visions of artistic expression.

“Outdoor murals are effective in reducing graffiti, supporting local arts and culture and economic development,” said Councillor Katherine Hobbs, who co-chairs the Ottawa 2017 Task Force with Councillor Rainer Bloess. “I look forward to seeing these first murals in place, and to introducing more murals around the city in the years leading up to 2017.”

“I am excited by the momentum we are building for 2017,” said Councillor Bloess. “We have already seen excellent participation from residents through initiatives like the Ottawa 2017 Ideas Forum and our suggestion box and online ballot. Hopefully residents will see these new signs of the coming celebration and take the time to contribute their suggestions or begin planning to host friends and family during this historic occasion.”

Residents may continue to submit their ideas for 2017 on the Ottawa 2017 website or by sharing their ideas on Twitter using the hashtag #Ottawa2017, commenting on the City’s Facebook page, or at the 2017 Ideas Box located next to the Information Desk in City Hall.

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