Ottawa 2017

Relaxing during a yoga session on a local waterway accompanied by a live orchestra, watching a 4D movie on a downtown terrace rooftop…in Ottawa?

Imagine hundreds of illuminated elements, secretly deployed in beautiful public venues, surprising passersby and allowing them to re-discover those spaces in a magical and mesmerizing way, before *poof* disappearing again. You’re not dreaming! It’s all coming to life with Ignite 150, a series of 17 epic stunts and happenings that will turbo-charge every corner of the capital in 2017.

These experiences will be no less than ephemeral, spectacular, innovative, breathtaking, and unforgettable, while taking place in surprising and unusual locations across Ottawa.

Key elements of the programming will be revealed a few days before the event via the future O2017 app and social media, so make sure you follow us.

Stay tuned, as more events will be announced shortly!