Ottawa 2017

Up, up and away!

Up, up and away!

With Canada’s 150th anniversary just around the corner – well, 150 days exactly! – we couldn’t resist elevating the momentum. After all, it also means 150 days to uplifting experiences in Ottawa next year, festivities that will blow your mind, and events that will take your breath away. You get it right?!

So why not blow up 544 balloons, attach a girl to them, and make her go 150 feet in the air… that’s what we call “rising up to the occasion”! Don’t worry, she’s not just a random girl, she’s actually a professional parachutist.

1 day to go

Final prep: Ensuring that Mother Nature was on our side, and that the scenario was solid!



Bday – Cause hey, Bday also stands for “Balloon Day”

Morning! Rise and shine… we’re on site at 4:30 am… let the magic begin…



Houston, we’re ready to take off!





Felt like we were in a kids’ movie! See for yourself!

If there’s one thing to remember: Hold on tight, because Ottawa will be THE place to be to celebrate Canada’s anniversary…and it will be EPIC!!!!

Pssst… we couldn’t have done it without Orkestra, Go Skydive and our friends at the City of Ottawa! Thanks for believing in our crazy ideas (and suggesting even crazier ones).


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