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Sky Lounge: Let’s demystify it

Sky Lounge: Let’s demystify it

What if we invited you to enjoy a gourmet dinner… 150 feet in the air?

Are you intrigued?

Is the foodie in you already excited?

Are you a bit scared?

Whether you’re intrigued, excited, or scared by this idea, you’re not alone. This culinary adventure sparks various reactions, emotions and (let’s face it) questions.

But don’t worry — we’re demystifying it all for you.


Here are the top 5 questions that probably cross your mind when thinking about Sky Lounge.

Moooooooommy, I have vertigo!

You can still enjoy the experience. To give you an idea, our colleague is scared to death of heights. In fact, she even says that her legs become numb when she stands on a small hill (we swear, we’re not kidding). Her verdict after trying Sky Lounge? The lifting process is so smooth, you don’t even realize that you are at about 150 feet in the air. And once you’re up in the air, it’s very stable; your attention is focused on the amazing view and the tasty food.

That being said, if you fall ill or experience vertigo, the table will be lowered to the ground within two minutes. Then, it will rise again for the other guests.


How safe is this structure, anyway??

You couldn’t be safer. Not only are you comfortably sitting in a cushioned seat, each one is equipped with a three-belt, six-point harness for optimal safety. It’s similar to a Formula 1 seat, but safer. The seat harnesses would impress even Michael Schumacher.


What if it rains? I’m not made out of sugar … but… 

A large roof covers the whole platform. So you don’t need to bring your umbrella or a yellow poncho from the Dollar Store. The table is also heated. So, even if it’s a little windy, you’ll be able to appreciate the experience. Animation in the middle of the table, music and special lighting will help to set the mood. Mother Nature will not be the party pooper!

If the weather is really not cooperating – due to strong winds and thunderstorms for example – we reserve ourselves the rights to change the date of the event or to cancel it. If cancelled, you will be reimbursed.


I’m a vegetarian. Will I starve?

Not at all! Two different culinary journeys will excite your taste buds, each showcasing great Canadian food products, locally sourced, prepared with a dash of subtle creative nuances and flavours. Both will have a vegetarian option.

You simply need to inform us after you buy your tickets. Same thing if you have food allergies. (Details here)


I have to use the restroom. What do I do?

We invite you to use the restroom a few minutes before embarking on the platform.

It’s similar to going to the movies. In order to not miss a minute of an exciting film, you usually go to the restroom before sitting comfortably with your buttery popcorn and super size cola. Even better, we’re not talking about a Quentin Tarantino movie, where you’re sitting down for 3 hours!


Bonus question:

Can I propose to the love of my life?

Of course you can! But don’t forget, you won’t be able to get down on one knee 😉


Hope you’re keen to take your taste buds to new heights with this once in a lifetime gourmet journey! Will you raise your glass with us at a bird’s eye view?

For more info on the event and ticket sales, click here.

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