Ottawa 2017

A flying announcement with Porter


It’s not every day that the main attraction of a press conference is a plane. In fact, it was a first for everyone in our crew. And we were on cloud nine! (Yep, this blog post will be full of these kinds of references. We couldn’t help ourselves)

We eagerly waited for the first landing of a Porter flight wrapped in the 2017 celebration colours.


Paparazzi for a day? Wannabe pilots? Childhood dream come true? It was a bit of everything!

One thing is for sure, standing a few steps from the runway, hair blowing in the wind, listening to the engine noise, smelling the wheels touching the ground, we couldn’t ask for a better view.


The Eagle has landed…


It was almost time for a first class unveiling of the plane at the Ottawa International Airport VIP hangar. Air Force One even touched the ground at this location. Nothing’s too extreme for the biggest guest star invited to date to an O2017 announcement – literally!



After all, it’s quite complex to move a beast with two wings in a traditional press conference location. (Though we will be taking a spider and a giant dragon in the streets of Ottawa next summer … just a minor detail …)


We were ready for take-off!



We invite you to board flight O-2017 with our new partner of choice, Porter. Destination: Ottawa — for a memorable experience.

Friendly advice: wait a bit before you book your return ticket. With 12 months of unforgettable celebrations, you will want to extend your stay over and over again.

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